How To: Convert Font khổng lồ Vector Outline in Illustrator

Clients are welcome to create và submit their own designs or logos.

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All fonts in the thiết kế or logo sản phẩm will need lớn be converted to a vector outline before Lyfe Pix can use the thiết kế or biệu tượng công ty.

Make sure all fonts are converted khổng lồ a vector outline using the Create Outline tool in Adobe Illustrator or similar functions in other graphics software. This should be done before you skết thúc any kiến thiết or logos khổng lồ Lyfe Pix.

Fonts that are not converted khổng lồ an outline may not come out correctly in the final design. They might even be substituted with another font automatically by our system. It is important khổng lồ covert all fonts to a vector outline to lớn prevent this from happening.


INSTRUCTIONS:How khổng lồ Convert Font to Vector Outline in Adobe Illustrator:

Follow these simple steps to lớn ensure the text will be preserved as it was originally designed:

Step 1: Select the fonts you wish to use. Type the text in Illustrator using the Type Tool (T)


Select the font & enter the text in Illustrator

















Step 2: Choose the Selection Tool in Illustrator (shortcut = “V”) and select the entered text


Choose the Selection Tool in Illustrator (shortcut = “V”) & select the text


Step 3: With the text selected, cliông xã on Type from the top menu and select Create Outlines


Use the Create Outline function in Illustrator


All Done: Your final output should look similar to the image below. You have successfully converted your phông inkhổng lồ an vector outline.

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Final output after the font is converted khổng lồ a vector text outline


Step 4: Save the file & submit the design/logo sản phẩm lớn Lyfe Pix.

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